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Welcome to steelbreeze. We are an independent consultancy providing enterprise architecture professional services with deep knowledge of the financial services sector. We have expertise in the following:

Enterprise architecture

We think of enterprise architecture as: “knowing what you have; knowing what you need; having a transition plan”. This applies to your business, information systems and technology architectures.

Creating and operating a sustainable enterprise architecture capability within your organisation is a multi-faceted task, requiring strong stakeholder management and defining and implementing governance processes.

A mature enterprise architecture practice is essential to a healthy information technology organisation and is an essential component of other transformational activities such as exploiting digital channels.

We have extensive experience mobilising and running successful enterprise architecture teams within financial services.

Data architecture

The value of an enterprise’s data assets is finally being understood thanks to advances in analytics technology. However, analytics tools will always be constrained by the quality of data available and data scientists need a strong underlying semantic model to fully exploit this rich data resource.

We have in-depth knowledge of banking data, associated lifecycles and interactions. We can assist you in building enterprise data models as a pre-cursor to analytical activities and other development and reengineering projects.

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About David

David Mesquita-Morris is the founder of steelbreeze, he specialises in the engineering of robust transaction processing software solutions and the pragmatic application of enterprise architecture principles and practices.

David has been working in the field of software engineering for over 25 years. In that time, he has held a variety of development, architect and senior management positions at institutions including Fidelity International, JP Morgan, UBS and Standard Bank; recently holding the position of Head of IT Architecture at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where he mobilised their architecture capability.

Through these engagements, David has amassed a deep working knowledge of investment banking processes and associated data, from market making through to risk management.

In addition, David is a strong advocate of Open Source software and actively maintains projects in the field of executable finite state machines.

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