"Good architecture is sympathetic to it's environment;
great architecture enhances the environment."


Steelbreeze is an independent consultancy providing IT Architecture services, with a deep domain knowledge of corporate and investment banking. We can offer you a wide variety of architectural services, with a grounded pragmatism.

Enterprise architecture

At Steelbreeze, we think of enterprise architecture as linking the domains of business, information systems (application and data) and technology architecture coherently. By providing this traceability, you can ensure IT decision making is driven by your enterprise strategy. We bring an architectural model that can be tailored to your needs.

Architecture lives or dies by the quality of its communication and engagement; we can assist you in developing effective architecture communications.

We also ensure that robust governance processes are in place within your organisation to ensure compliance to architectural direction and standards.

Data architecture

The value of an enterprise’s data assets is finally being acknowledged thanks to advances in analytics technology.

However, analytics will always be constrained by the quality of data available; data scientists need a strong underlying semantic model and quality data to truly exploit this rich business resource.

We have in-depth knowledge of banking data, associated lifecycles and interactions. We can assist you in building enterprise data models as a pre-cursor to analytical activities and other development and reengineering projects.

Application architecture

Complex enterprises have an increasing demand for application support; from your core line of business, where you may have intellectual property to protect, to the applications that any organisation needs, such as finance and people management.

We can help you catalogue your application, building capability models that will help you: determine the opportunities for sharing and reuse; understand total cost of ownership; make investment decisions.

Technology architecture

A modern enterprise relies on a wide variety of underlying tools and technologies. Left unchecked the diversity of these can lead to a large support burden; resulting in large numbers of small contracts with suppliers, a skills burden and interoperability issues.

However, standards can stifle innovation and cause a gradual slide into legacy.

The portfolio of technologies within your enterprise needs careful proactive management to ensure balance between these conflicting forces.

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David, the founder of Steelbreeze, has been working in the field of software engineering for over 25 years. In that time, he has held a variety of development, architect and senior management positions at institutions including Fidelity International, JP Morgan, UBS and Standard Bank; recently holding the position of Head of IT Architecture at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where he mobilised their architecture capability and laid the groundwork for their digital transformation.


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