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Landscape map visualisation of data. landscape map viewpoint These visualisations conform to the Archimate Landscape Map Viewpoint.

These visualisations are an invaluable communication tool offering insight into the health of an application portfolio. High density areas indicate a fragmented portfolio, or redundancy; a wide scope may indicate over-extension.

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Download landscape.min.js from the Releases page. Once added into your project, the API will be available under the landscape global object.


The API is split into four main functions:

  1. getAxes: analyses an array of source data and returns a pair of axis (the set of distinct values for given property names).
  2. getOptimalAxes: analyses the source data to return the optimal order of the axes values, where there is greatest adjacency across cells.
  3. getTable: returns the source data in an intermediary format ready for rendering in #4 or some other method, such as D3.
  4. getHTML: generates an array of HTML table rows for insertion into a table or table body.

Depending on your needs, you use a subset of these functions. For example, if you know the axes you want to display and their order, you can omit steps 1 and 2.

The full API documentation can be found here.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2020 David Mesquita-Morris

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