Enterprise architecture


David, the founder of steelbreeze, is an accomplished architect; he has designed solutions for trading and risk applications, held technical and enterprise architecture roles, mobilised architecture organisations, and served as head of architecture at a multinational development bank.

We believe that an enterprise architecture capability is essential to a healthy IT organisation; it provides a necessary counter-balance to other forces, resulting in efficient resource utilisation and responsible consideration towards other factors such a security and business continuity.

steelbreeze brings an architecture method that bridges the disciplines of solution and enterprise architecture and connects effectively with project governance processes.

We can provide the following services:

Enterprise architecture capability mobilisation

Starting a new enterprise architecture capability from scratch can be a daunting task; we can use our experience to tailor your architecture capability to the needs and context of your organisation. We will assist you in defining and initiating any or all of the following:

  • Architecture operating model design;
  • Architectural services catalogue;
  • Application and technology portfolio management;
  • Governance process definition, linked to other processes within your organisation;
  • Role profiles and recruitment.

Enterprise architecture capability assessment

We can assess your existing architecture capability for its maturity and effectiveness in alignment to your organisational needs and context.

Strategy development

Whether it’s digital transformation, cloud migration or technology portfolio rationalisation, we can analyse and understand your current situation and ambitions to create pragmatic strategies for you and then provide a series of achievable steps in the form of a roadmap to realise the desired outcomes.


We can provide training in the steelbreeze architecture method, which, while based upon The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), is a pragmatic approach resulting in just enough enterprise architecture.

The method also provides strong linkage between solution architecture and enterprise architecture; essential to track progress against strategic roadmaps.

Research and development

We will cut through the hype and assess new technologies, methods and processes to determine their value and place in your organisation; you will receive a study detailing the opportunities, costs and benefits, and practical advice on adoption and implementation.

Interim architecture management

We can provide short-term architectural management expertise to assist you in periods of transition. Coupled with our architecture capability mobilisation, we can bootstrap architecture within your organisation.

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