Data architecture


We are passionate about data and have extensive knowledge in the area of banking data, reference data and data management processes.

We understand and acknowledge the differences between transaction and analytical processing and the differing requirements they place on the underlying information and its management.

We can provide the following services:

Conceptual information modelling

We can build high-level conceptual models of the information within your enterprise. Conceptual information modelling is concerned with breadth of scope, but at a level that is manageable and maintainable (typically just significant business entities and their relationships). It is an essential starting point in data architecture to contextualise later detailed logical and physical analysis.

Depending on the size and scope of the organisation, it may be necessary to break the enterprise down into domains of bounded context .

Logical data definition

Once a conceptual model is in place, detailed analysis and definition of entities is the next step. Often part of a project, we can assist in logical data modelling. Here we add any sub-structure not covered within the conceptual model and defining attributes.

Other considerations are also brought to bear in the logical model, such as audit trail information and business event information helping us understand why records change.

Data management process definition

When an application takes responsibility for being the data master (authority, system of record, golden source) of a particular data set, it comes with a set of obligations to the enterprise that go beyond the applications headline requirements. Understanding these obligations and engineering accordingly is crucial good data quality within the enterprise. We can assist in defining policies that articulate these additional requirements.


Be it data wrangling to discover answers to the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask, financial statement reporting, or anything between, we can assist you to architect the necessary data preparation, aggregation and visualisation.

Data governance

The art of data governance is finding the fine line between mature governance processes and maintaining enduring engagement from core stakeholders. We can assist you in defining data governance processes and identifying appropriate stakeholders within your organisation to act as data governance role holders.

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